About Beron Consulting Services & LabWorks

Beron Consulting Services & LabWorks, is a firm that provides consulting, media publications and lab operations that provides expertise for drug and alcohol detection analysis, alcohol physiology and pharmacology, drug and alcohol testing in the workplace, litigation support and administration of drug and alcohol testing programs. Alcohol and drug expertise has been provided throughout the United States from Alaska to the East Coast. Clients have included fortune 500 companies, professional athletes (NBA & MLB), dignitaries, employee unions, and government entities.

Dr. Ronald E. Henson is the founder and serves as the principle consultant. He has served in the drug and alcohol detection / testing and law enforcement arena since 1979. His experience includes the following: 

  • Police Officer – Drug/Narcotic and Alcohol Experience & Expertise
  • Police Academy Instructor at the University of Illinois (Drugs/Narcotics & Alcohol)
  • Law Enforcement Administrator
  • College Professor of Criminal Justice, Dean of Instruction, and Criminal Justice Executive Chair
  • Program Coordinator
  • Consultant to the Federal Government, Local and Municipal Police Agencies
  • Breath, Blood, Urine and Saliva Alcohol/Drug Testing Practitioner
  • Breath, Blood, Urine and Saliva Alcohol/Drug Testing Instructor
  • Standardized Field Sobriety Testing (SFST) Instructor
  • Drug and Narcotic Investigation Instructor
  • Certified Professional Collector® (CPC)
  • Certified Professional Collector Trainer® (CPCT)
  • Court Qualified Expert in Drug & Alcohol Related Investigations
  • Court Qualified Expert in the Area of: Breath, Blood, Urine and Transdermal Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Alcohol and Drug – Physiological / Pharmacological Effects on the Human Body
  • Retrograde Extrapolation
  • Infrared Theory and Alcohol Testing
  • Fuel Cell Theory and Alcohol Testing
  • Photoelectric Colorimagery Alcohol Testing
  • Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry Alcohol Testing
  • Horizontal / Vertical Gaze Nystagmus (HGN/VGN)
  • Standardized Field Sobriety Testing (SFST)
  • Workplace Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing Quality Controls and Assurance Programs
  • Drug & Narcotic Evaluations and Behavioral Manifestations