Dr. Ronald E. Henson

Dr. Henson is a Drug and Alcohol Forensic Consultant with expertise in drug and alcohol testing, physiology / pharmacology related to alcohol and illegally abused substances, retrograde extrapolation, and field sobriety testing. Dr. Henson possesses a Ph.D. degree, and his dissertation examined drug and alcohol testing in the criminal justice system and in the workplace.  In addition to his doctoral (Ph.D.) degree, he also holds degrees in sociology / psychology A.A.S., criminal justice B.S., and public administration M.P.A. Dr. Henson’s master’s degree thesis examined the investigative process and procedures for driving under the influence (DUI) incidents in Illinois. Dr. Henson has examined drug and alcohol testing policies, programming, testing equipment, and evidence in numerous locations throughout the United States from Alaska to the Superior Court of North Carolina.  Dr. Henson has been qualified as an expert in civil (including arbitration), criminal, military, and federal court cases in numerous States.  A private pilot for several decades allows travel without restriction when needed for your case.

Dr. Henson has been featured and consulted by television and print media that includes:

  • ABC News WKBW, Buffalo NY for Blood Alcohol Testing and Retrograde Extrapolation
  • Fox News Chicago for Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Devices (BAIID)
  • The Florida Sentinel for CMI’s Model 8000 Breath Alcohol Testing Device
  • The Chicago Tribune for Alcohol Investigations and the use of the EC/IR Breath Alcohol Testing Device
  • The Peoria Journal Star for Drug Testing in the Public and Private School System
  • The Dolan Media News Wire for Police Training and the HGN Testing Challenge
  • Pekin Daily Times for Illinois Drugged Driving Law Change Proposed
  • Northwest Herald for No Refusal DUI Policy (Blood Alcohol/Drug Test Warrants)
  • Drug Testing News BAIID Alcohol Detection Systems Overview