Testimonials – Beron Consulting & LabWorks

Ron M. (Private Client) 

March, 2022, St. Louis, MO

“I just got word, we won!!! I can’t thank you enough! I am so relieved! It’s time to take this second chance on to bigger and better things!!  I truly owe you!”


Joshua Weiss, Attorney at Law. 

September, 2021, Chattanooga, TN
“I wanted to take an opportunity to thank you for your expertise yesterday. You were convincingly proven an expert in this field. The manner in which you testified conveyed that you were an authority on each topic we discussed. I think you impressed everyone in the room. I would not hesitate to retain you in the future or recommend you to others.”


R. Michael Vang, Attorney at Law. 

 May, 2021, Casper, WY
We hired Dr. Ronald Henson as expert on breath machines. Dr. Henson explains how mouth alcohol abort message can be caused by many things including Acid Reflux or GERD. Dr. Henson did a great job of setting up my closing argument and explaining the Dubowski impairment chart and what we should observe with people with an alleged BrAC of 0.16.  Thank you Dr. Henson…


Kevin Sanborn, Attorney at Law.

February, 2021, Bloomington, IL
The State is dismissing the case!  Your work was the difference!  Thank you so much…!


 Leigh Ann Bauer, Attorney at Law. 

November, 2020, Anchorage, AK

Thank you, Ron, for your amazing testimony in this case.  You saved the day!


 David W. Lawler, Attorney at Law.

May, 2018, Marion, Illinois

“Dr. Ron Henson’s experience, expertise, and analysis provides tremendous value to my clients. Dr. Henson’s analysis always uses language that is easy to understand and as a result, his insights always prove incredibly valuable and provide clarity on the relevant issues. I highly recommend Dr. Henson’s services.”


 Greg Fombelle, Attorney at Law.

March, 2018, Decatur, Illinois

Great for Dr. Ronald Henson! Finally a published opinion on the vague notion of “FOREIGN SUBSTANCE”. 


 Todd M. Goebel, Attorney at Law.

Gates Wise Schlosser & Goebel, Attorneys at Law.
June 1, 2015, Springfield, Illinois 

“Having you involved in this case was absolutely critical, and I appreciate the work you did for us.” 


Donald Ramsell, Ramsell & Associates, LLC. 

July 15, 2014, Wheaton (Chicago), Illinois

 “Dr. Henson is a wonderful witness. He is an expert on breath alcohol testing and on field sobriety testing.” 


Nichols Law Firm 

News release on March 25, 2012, East Lansing, Michigan

Nichols called on expert witness, Ronald Henson, PhD., of Peoria, Illinois to educate the jurors on field sobriety testing and breath testing. Nichols added: “Dr. Henson keeps his testimony within a reasonable degree of scientific certainty and that is vital to having credibility with a jury,” added Nichols. 

Dr. Henson is not affiliated with the Nichols Law Firm. Dr. Henson is available for consulting for lawyers, judges, prosecutors, academic professionals and police. 



Lawrence Wines, President at Scientific Consulting Services, Inc. 

October 9, 2012, Lawrence worked directly with Dr. Henson at Beron Consulting Services and LabWorks

“Ron is a special person and has the superior education, knowledge, experience and other special credentials to be a very effect expert witness. He is: head of his own laboratory, police experience, former police academy faculty member, advanced training in chemical testing and Standardized Field Testing. His police and private business background makes him very hard to impeach on the witness stand as being bias”.



 Theodore Perlick Molinari, Attorney at Perlick Corporation 

November 2, 2011, Theodore Perlick was Dr. Henson’s client   

“Ronald is an amazing fount of knowledge and expertise on anything related to operating while intoxicated cases. I have used him on numerous occasions and he really improves you as an attorney to present a case by being more informed than just about any witness for the opposition.”



Tom (Private Client) 

“Your recommendation to utilize Dr. Henson was spot on and his knowledge of the topics was both fascinating and eye-opening.“